For the first time made available to the public, our father's system is presented to coaches of all ages. From the youth ranks to professional baseball, see how this system could change the culture of your pitching staff. From the colored plate to his pitching system... it's all made available to you.
It was our father's dream to use the game of baseball to build and establish relationships. We have broken down the system to give you “DAD” the tools to train your son to build a relationship through the game of baseball. From a custom packet from Coach Robe himself to video… it's all here to help grow your player.
Pitchers of all ages need an edge in today's game. Learn to grow your development through execution and command. This system was made with the pitcher in mind through the art of making adjustments. Find out how you can continue your development on the mound today.

- Coach Robe #36

Pitching to colors is the tool and system designed to teach pitchers, coaches and Dads on the art of making adjustments through visual feedback. While our father and coach is no longer with us today, it is our honor to continue and provide you with his vision and philosophy.


“Simple with immediate feedback... Pitching to Colors is the best tool I have ever seen for the development of ‘pitchers’.

Coach Tony Robichaux was not only a great head coach & leader of men... he was a master pitching coach—- with a simplistic yet innovative Approach, Coach Robe was always ahead of his time yet grounded in the fundamentals in the art of pitching. Command, movement and the ability to change speeds are what separate the men from the boys on the mound... the guys that pitched for Coach Robe always had all three of these. I bet if you asked any of them the #1 tool for their development: the answer would all be the same... Coach Robe and Pitching to Colors!”

-Matt Deggs
Head Baseball Coach
University of Louisiana

“Pitching to Colors was a staple in Coach Robe’s pitching system for decades. As a player who went through the system and now on the coaching side, I have insight on how valuable a tool this can be. Simple and effective - the colored plate gives immediate feedback with visual references. Learn to command the fastball and manipulate pitches by color. Pitching to Colors is one of the best tools for development and one that we use daily.”

-BJ Ryan
Pitching Coach 
University of Louisiana 
2-Time MLB All Star | LHP